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New gold label oestraban 800g tub FREE POSTAGEūüüĘ

New gold label oestraban 800g tub FREE POSTAGEūüüĘ

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gold label 


a straight herbal specific feed material for horses and ponies 

a nutritional supplement containing Agnus castus(monkspepper)

a herb reputed to curb sexual interest and related behavioural activity in sporting equines

for mares prior to and during oestrus

feed to stallions, rigs and over sexed geldings

mares - feed one measure (15g) daily for 1 week prior to expected season ( oestrus) . Feed one measure daily accompanied by extra food for increased lactation 

stallions and rigs- feed one measure daily and continue feeding whilst been ridden and handled

use half the amount for ponies 

discontinue use for 4 weeks prior to breeding as could temporarily effect fertility 

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